Gorgeous afternoon!

It was a gorgeous afternoon here in Colorado Springs – 80 degrees – so I opted for outdoor exercise today. After I was done working for the day (around 3:30pm – I started working at 5:30 am!), I loaded my sleeping daughter into the Baby Bjorn front carrier and went for a 45 minute walk that include a lot of good hills. Walking uphill with a 10-lb baby attached to you is great exercise – really works the butt and the legs!

For dinner tonight, I coated some chicken breasts with lemon pepper and cooked them up on my Foreman grill. I cut them into small pieces and put the chicken on top of some big salads of romaine lettuce, roma tomatos, carrots, and red onion (sorry – no picture! hectic evening with the baby!). For dressing, I simply used balsamic vinegar – very low-cal, yet very flavorful! I also had a few Mary’s Gone Crackers crackers with my dinner.

After dinner, I squeezed in a little more exercise by doing some crunches while watching TV (and while my husband was on baby duty).

I’ll be up early to work tomorrow… Will post breakfast (with pictures!). Have a good night!

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