Busy Day

I was up bright and early this morning – 5 am – despite not being able to sleep last night! Couldn’t seem to shut my mind off. For breakfast this morning, I started out with a banana. I also had a bowl of oatmeal with flaxseed and soymilk, as well as 1/2 cup of liquid egg whites plus one whole small egg scrambled. (The one whole egg adds a little more flavor.) I’m breastfeeding, so I need to keep my calories up. This breakfast provdes about 400-500 calories, and a healthy, statisfying combination of fiber, protein, and healthy fat.

Flax and soymilk

Oatmeal and eggs

I have a busy day ahead…lots of work to do, plus regular babycare duties. I’m hoping to squeeze in an exercise video late this afternoon. My current favorite is Workout:One-on-One Training with Jackie (check it out: http://www.jackiewarner.com/store/products.aspx?CatID=46&linkId=aap_lMen)


I met my husband at Panera for lunch today where I had a Classic Cafe Salad with Chicken. This is by far the healthiest salad choice there, since it is served with vinaigrette vs. creamy dressing and it doesn’t have any cheese on it. Throughout the day I snacked on macintosh apples, raw almonds, grapes, and Fiber One Cereal.

I was able to squeeze in about half of my exercise video. I plan to get some ab work in while watching TV this evening.

Blog 001

For dinner, I made big turkey taco salads with romain lettuce, red onion, roma tomato, 99% fat-free ground turkey, and salsa. This definitely hit the spot – plus it’s healthy AND quick to make!

Blog 002


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