Sunshine and Smoothies and Burgers – Oh My!

I got out at lunchtime to enjoy the sunshine before it got too hot. I decided to push the stroller today instead of using the Baby Bjorn. I walked for about 40 minutes. Pushing a stroller uphill + head-on wind = great workout!

I did pretty well spacing out my food today… I actually found that my breakfast held me over longer than usual. The addition of the almonds to my regular bowl of oatmeal was just the right amount of healthy fat to keep me satisfied.

My morning snack was grapes and a small banana, and lunch was another turkey whole wheat wrap with light mayo and spinach. Basic, but satisfying.

Blog 001

Mid-afternoon I had a mini-smoothie of 1/4 cup orange juice, 1/4 cup Silk Light vanilla soymilk, some frozen mixed berries, and some unflavored protein powder (no picture – sorry). I had an open can of chickpeas in the fridge so I decided to whip up some chickpea salad with diced tomato, diced red onion, chopped fresh parsley, salt, fresh lemon juice and olive oil. I had intended to have some of it with my dinner, but I found myself eating a little of it as another afternoon snack! It looked too good – I had to try it! 😉

Blog 002

This afternoon, I got even more exercise in. I did my Jackie Warner workout video for about 50 minutes. As you can tell, the baby was very cooperative today, allowing me to really get some good physical activity in.

For dinner, I made turkey burgers on the Foreman grill. (I would have much preferred to cook them outdoors, but we still haven’t gotten a new grill. It was a real bummer to be cooking inside on such a hot day!!) I used to make them a lot, but it’s been a while now since I’ve had them. My husband got a little sick of them. Tonight, I flavored them with some chopped white onion, chives, garlic salt, and pepper. I added a little egg white to hold them together. They came out pretty good. I topped mine with some plain yellow mustard. I also had a heaping pile of green beans and a couple slices of melt-in-your-mouth ripe cantaloup (I had a couple more slices while I was cooking too!).

Blog 003

I’m planning to lighten up my breakfast a bit tomorrow. I think I overdid it today!


3 responses to “Sunshine and Smoothies and Burgers – Oh My!

  1. That chickpea salad sounds really good. I might have to make some myself!

  2. Sweet and Fit

    I know that it would be ideal to grill outdoors, but I have to admit that I looooooove using my george forman! I’m way too lazy to turn on the girl for just myself.

  3. The Chickpea salad looks fantastic! I’m going to be trying that soon:)

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