Hot Weather, Cold Cereal

It’s going to be another hot one today – 87 degrees – so I decided some cold cereal was in order this morning. I had a nice big bowl of Fiber One with sliced banana and vanilla soymilk. It was a nice change from my usual bowl of oatmeal.

Blog 004

I also had my standard scrambled egg whites for some protein. (They kind of get lost in the picture on my white plate.)

Blog 005

To complete the meal, I had a yummy cup of hazelnut decaf (wish it were regular) coffee in my favorite mug.


I feel pleasantly full now; hoping this breakfast will hold me over at least 3 hours.

Speaking of pleasant feelings, I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my e-mail this morning. Foodbuzz is going to let me be a featured publisher! Woohoo! I just have to finish the paperwork. 🙂

I’m hoping to squeeze in some sort of exercise today (perferably some time on my Spinning bike in the basement – it’s nice and cool down there!), but it’s going to be tough. I have to take my daughter to the doctor this afternoon. We’ll just have to wait and see how the day plays out…


2 responses to “Hot Weather, Cold Cereal

  1. I love egg whites….few things are better…I like to add veggies in too, onions and spinach mostly:)

  2. Congrats on becoming approved by the Food Buzz. I got approved and put my badge up yesterday.

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