I was up pretty early today… I woke up at 5 and couldn’t really fall back to sleep, since I’m used to getting up at 5 all week. I laid in bed until the baby woke up though, around 5:40.

At 6, I made my first ever bowl of oat bran. I really enjoyed it! It was a nice change from my regular bowl of oatmeal. There was only one problem… I cooked it in the microwave and I took my eye off of it for 2 seconds and it bubbled over! So before I could eat it, I had to clean up the mess.

My toppings were pretty boring today. I just mixed in some flaxseed and drizzled on a little SF syrup.

blog 007

I had a BIG side of protein too: 1/2 cup of All Whites egg whites, plus one whole (small) Egglands Best Cage Free egg.

blog 008

(Sorry for the crappy picture!)

After I digested my breakfast, I did the other 2 segments of my Jackie Warner workout DVD that I didn’t get to yesterday.

I had to get myself ready quickly so I could make it to the salon by 9. I was soooo excited for my haircut this morning! It was the first time I’ve left the house without the baby for more than 15 minutes since she was born. And, the first time I’ve really done anything for myself since then. I felt so pampered! đŸ™‚

Before I headed to the salon, I whipped up some smoothies for me and my husband. Today’s mixture included 1 cup of Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla, 1 banana, several fresh strawberries (I bought a 2 lb package on sale yesterday for $2.99!!), and some ice. I decided to give almond milk a try this week in place of my usual soymilk. I really liked it my coffee. It didn’t separate like soymilk does, and it turned my usual cup of hazelnut decaf into a great tasting hazelnut almond flavor!

blog 009

I’m quite excited for tonight… We are kicking off our Memorial Day weekend (and my husband’s birthday weekend) by going out to dinner…by ourselves! This will be our first night out without the baby. I’m looking forward to it, but I know the whole I’m we’re out, I’ll be wondering what she’s doing!

What are you looking forward to this weekend??


2 responses to “Pampered!

  1. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! You’re on mine now too. It’s nice to find another Colorado foodie out there.

    I had some oat bran this morning as well and have experienced the bubbling over issues too. I normally put it all into a tupperware container that’s deep enough to handle the increase in volume, then I put it into a regular bowl for photo purposes….

    Congrats on your first baby-free night out!

  2. I am looking forward to reading my new book and watching a bunch of dvd’s!
    Have fun tonight at dinner.

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