A Break From the Norm (and Day 2 of the Shred)

Happy Memorial Day! Let me start with a little giveaway news – The Healthy Everythingatarian is giving away some tasty items to celebrate her 1-Month Blogiversary. Go check it out! There’s some good stuff.

No BBQs today for us… We still don’t have a grill, nor do we really have any friends here! We moved here last summer and we still haven’t really met anyone other than my husband’s coworkers. Just hanging around the house today.

Fresh from another great night of sleep, I totally broke away from my normal breakfast of oats or cereal this morning. I decided to use one of the packets of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter that I bought yesterday. I spread it on a whole wheat tortilla (La Tortilla Factory, of course!) and topped it with sliced banana.

blog 027

blog 028

I rolled up the tortilla to eat it. The almond butter was pretty good; a little too sweet for me though. This was a filling little rollup! Taste wise though, I didn’t find it to be as satisfying as my usual bowl of oats.

I also had 1/2 cup of All Whites mixed with one whole egg, scrambled.

blog 029

This kept my belly full all morning.

Since my husband was home today for the holiday, I was able to get down into the basement to workout while he watched the baby. Today was Day 2 of my 30 Day Shred. I’m definitely feeling it! After I shredded with Jillian Michaels for 25 minutes, I also rode my Spinning bike for about 25 minutes. It feels so good to finally be rested enough to really put 100% into my workouts! I consider myself very lucky that my daughter started sleeping through the night this weekend at only 9 weeks!

After my workout, I had a small snack: 1 small golden delicious apple and 3 small strawberries.

Lunch was a nice big sandwich: honey smoked turkey piled on 2 slices of Food for Life 7 Sprouted Grain bread with mustard, spinach, and dill pickle relish. I had all but forgotten about the little jar of dill relish in my fridge. Glad I found it today. It was a nice addition to my sandwich! I also had another small banana to go with it.

blog 030

blog 031

Hope you’re doing something fun today! 🙂


One response to “A Break From the Norm (and Day 2 of the Shred)

  1. mmm for all the times i’ve eaten banana & almond butter (i like the maple too, although it is pretty sweet!) i’ve never tried it in a tortilla! i’ll have to do that… sounds fun!

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