Feeling Snacky

I had another snacky day, which I wouldn’t have guessed this morning given how full I was after my banana/almond butter rollup and eggs. I guess the combination of the Shred and Spinning made me extra hungry this afternoon.

Various snacks this afternoon included another small apple, a bowl of Fiber Onewith unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a couple Mary’s Gone Crackers with a little bit of roasted red pepper hummus, and half of a Pure Chocolate Brownie Bar.

blog 032

This was the first time I’ve tried this bar. It’s organic, raw, and gluten-free. It’s made with real fruit and nuts and sweetened with agave nectar. I really liked it! It was nice and chewy and tasted great! What a treat!

For dinner, I baked some chicken again (my go-to meal). I sprinkled it with some salt and pepper. I also made some Wilted Balsamic Spinach (this is my favorite way to cook fresh spinach!). I cooked up some Annie’s Whole Wheat Shells and Cheddarfor my husband. I loooove those shells, but sadly I still can’t have any dairy so no shells for me. 😦 Instead, I sliced up a roma tomato, drizzled it with olive oil, and sprinkled on some basil as my second side dish.

blog 033

It was a delicious, satisfying meal, without being too heavy.

Back to the grind tomorrow… I suppose I shouldn’t complain though since I work at home! 😉


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