Lunchtime Shred

The baby was napping at noon so I thought I’d spend my lunchtime today Shredding with Jillian Michaels. Butt-kicking as usual! 🙂 I also did the 20-minute ab segment from my Jackie Warner workout DVD. I figured I could use the extra core work since I’m still trying to firm up my post-baby belly.

Let me back up to morning snacks… I had a handful of almonds and some “mock-late” milk (cute, huh? :-P) to satisfy my chocolate craving. My “mock-late” milk was was simply 1 cup of unsweetenend vanilla Almond Breeze blended with about a tbs of cocoa powder.

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I actually had a real lunch today! After going back and forth as to whether I was going to go out to Subway or not, I just decided to defrost some chicken in the microwave and grill it up on the Foreman grill. I was too lazy to go out; plus the hubby and I decided this morning that we’d get Panera salads for dinner. I had my chicken with a side of carrots and roasted red pepper hummus, and a multigrain tortilla.

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I don’t like these Tumaro’s tortillas as much as I like the La Tortilla Factory ones. The taste isn’t quite as good and they’re much smaller, yet they have 20 more calories (100 vs. 80). However, they are relatively high in fiber (8g) and protein (7g). Sometimes our local grocery store doesn’t have the La Tortilla Factory tortillas, so these are the next best option.

This afternoon, I fed my banana addiction again. I can rarely go a day without eating 2 bananas! Could be worse, I suppose. I could be hooked on Hostess Cupcakes (like I was back in my college days!).

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I also had a bowl of Fiber One mixed with a little bit of Cascadian Farm Cinnamon Raisin Granola and a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. A tasty little mixture! It was a great way to enjoy the taste of the granola without taking in all of the sugar of a full bowl.

Note the one lone raisin floating in the middle of the bowl!

Note the one lone raisin floating in the middle of the bowl!

I’m still planning to get some time in on the bike later this afternoon, although depending on baby’s mood it may be broken up into 2 short sessions!

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