1,500+ Views!

I have just surpassed 1,500 views on my blog – not too shabby considering I just started blogging on May 12! Thank you to everyone who has been reading my posts!

I am really enjoying blogging for a number of reasons:

  • It keeps me accountable. I am very aware of everything I eat and am better able to recognize when I’m eating out of boredom vs. eating out of real hunger.
  • It helps me recognize when I am being unreasonable. I’ve fallen prey to disordered thoughts and feelings about food in the past and this blog helps me recognize when those thoughts are creeping back up.
  • It’s teaching me that it’s ok to splurge. Documenting my meals and snacks (or all day graze-a-thons!) has helped me realize that it’s ok to indulge from time to time. I’m able to look at my posts and realize that I make healthy choices 95% of the time, so the other 5% of the time it’s ok to splurge!
  • It has given me an adult outlet! Since I spend all day working at home and taking care of the baby, this blog has given me a place to get my adult thoughts out there and connect with others who share similar interests.

Thanks again – and please keep on reading!


3 responses to “1,500+ Views!

  1. glad blogging has provided such a positive outlet for you girl 🙂

  2. great site love the work.

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