A Balanced Breakfast

Up early again this morning after another night of not enough sleep. I think it’s a vicious cycle – the more overtired I become, the less I’m able to sleep.

Anyway… I fixed myself another well-balanced breakfast this morning (basically the same as yesterday):

  • oat bran (carbs, protein, and fiber)
  • banana (carbs and fiber)
  • ground flaxseed (fiber and healthy fat)
  • raisins (carbs and fiber – and flavor!)
  • chopped walnuts (protein and healthy fat)
  • cinnamon, vanilla, and a drizzle of SF maple syrup (yumminess!)
  • egg whites + 1 whole egg (protein)

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This is such a satisfying – and delicious! – way to start my morning. It fuels me up for morning baby care.

I’m considering giving myself a free pass on the physical activity today – with the exception of the Shredof course – given that I am sooo exhausted. We’ll see how that goes though… I am one of those people who usually feels compelled to exercise. I think I am addicted to the great feeling I have after working out.

I am planning a trip to a new natural foods store this afternoon, though. Yes that’s right – yet another natural foods store just minutes away! This one is called Sunflower Farmers Market. I looked at their sale flyer online and they have some amazing deals right now for their grand opening. I’m so excited to go check it out! I loooove a good natural foods store. We’re now spoiled with a Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, and Sunflower Farmers Market all on the same road! My comparison so far has found that Natural Grocers tends to be cheaper than Whole Foods (and even cheaper than the regular supermarket for some items!). I’m looking forward to seeing how the regular prices as Sunflower compare. They’re slogan is “Serious Food…Silly Prices.” Sounds good to me! I’ll post a review after I return from the market this afternoon. Stay tuned!


4 responses to “A Balanced Breakfast

  1. That store sounds awesome!! Have fun and I can’t wait for your review of it!

  2. Hope you get some rest and energy back. Have fun at the market.

  3. hey girl thanks so much for the comment on my blog! I’m so happy to have found yours, i love it! Can’t wait to continue reading 🙂

    have a great day at the market, love!

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