That Salad Cost How Much?!

The baby was fussy for a good part of the afternoon, but I was able to squeeze in the Shred while she was napping. I’m on Day 13 and I have to say that I was about ready to reach into the TV and slap Jillian Michaels today! She is a crazy woman. But if she whips my butt into shape, I will be grateful! I can’t imagine how those people on the Biggest Loser survive their first week with Jillian. I’m not even overweight and I get out of breath and soaked with sweat working out with her for 20 minutes!

Later in the afternoon, I was able to grab some time on my bike while the baby was a little happier. I quickly realized that I was completely worn out and did not have the energy to Spin. I hopped off after 23 minutes – right at the time the baby started fussing again! I still did fairly well with the exercise today if I factor in my 20 minute roundtrip walk to Subway with the baby in the Baby Bjorn.

My only real snack this afternoon was another banana. I had a few carrots too, but once I started eating them I decided I didn’t really want them.

Bananas always hit the spot!

Bananas always hit the spot!

I did not feel like cooking tonight – which seems to be becoming a regular Friday night thing. Instead of ordering pizza like we originally planned, I decided to go to Whole Foodsto get dinner. I picked out a chicken chimichanga for my husband and for myself…well I went hogwild on the salad bar!! I loaded up my little brown box with spinach, carrots, red onions, chickpeas, cucumbers, marinated artichoke hearts, marinated mushrooms, roasted red peppers, roasted garlic, grilled chicken and teriyaki tofu. I topped it all with balsamic vinaigrette. It did not end there however! After I built my monstrous salad, I walked passed some grilled veggies that I could not pass up – zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, and red onion.

I was quite pleased with my food selections and looking forward to eating everything. And then I got to the register… The total came to just over $29!! My salad alone was over $14!! We could have gone out to dinner for that amount of money. Once I dug into my food, though, I quickly decided it was money well spent! 😀

Blog 013

If it is possible to pig out on veggies, then that is exactly what I did tonight. I washed all of this deliciousness dow with 2 small glasses of Pinot Grigio.

My once-a-week wine splurge!

My once-a-week wine splurge!

For dessert, I had a square of my Boom Choco Boom dark chocolate bar I bought last weekend.

I’m looking forward to some more nice weather tomorrow. We decided the wine festival was going to be more trouble than it’s worth, so we’ll just be sticking close to home – perhaps drinking wine at home instead.


4 responses to “That Salad Cost How Much?!

  1. yikes — good food is certainly not inexpensive! ah well, it looks beautiful and i hope you enjoyed every bite :)!

  2. OMG! That is an expensive salad. Hope you didn’t waste any!
    I feel so deprived – I wish that we had a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe’s where we live. A girl can dream!

  3. I’m the opposite of you – bananas NEVER work for me! Pigging out on veggies sounds perfect 🙂 A little Pinot doesn’t hurt either!

  4. Wow. Expensive Taste! Looks good though.

    Blue Skies,
    Crave2Live Nutrition

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