Last Week in the Springs

It’s hard to believe it’s already here – my last week in Colorado Springs. I fly out one week from tomorrow. I will have lived here almost exactly one year to the day…

I was up pretty early with the baby again. She got up at 5 and was ready to play. I brought her downstairs and put her in her swing – where she promptly fell asleep again! 🙂

Since I had already been up a while, I was ready for breakfast at 5:30. More Banana Bread Oats with scrambled eggs (1/2 cup of egg whites + 1 whole egg).

blog 017

It looks like I used way more walnuts than usual. I typically buy chopped raw walnuts at the natural foods store and I use 1 tbs on my oats, which I thought was about half a serving. When I went to buy more walnuts a few days ago, they only had raw walnut halves. So today I counted out 7 halves, which truly is 1/2 a serving, and chopped ’em up. I guess I’ve been short-changing myself this whole time! 😉

I didn’t get much accomplished this morning. The baby wasn’t interested in napping, even though she was extremely tired. I figured if I took her for a ride she’d fall asleep. So I got myself ready, grabbed an apple, and headed out to Target. She didn’t fall asleep in the car, but she fell asleep in the stroller while we were in the store. Unfortunately that only lasted for about 15 minutes.

Later in the morning (around 10:45) I was ready for lunch since I had been up so long. I had a few slices of deli chicken breast with mustard and a whole wheat tortilla.

blog 018

It was another beautiful Colorado afternoon, so the hubby asked if I wanted to meet him at work to take a walk. I certainly not one to turn down some outdoor fitness on a gorgeous day! Before I headed out, I made myself a smoothie to go – 1 cup of almond milk, 1 medium banana, ~1 1/2 tbs of cocoa powder, 3 tbs of soy protein powder, and a handful of ice. Between the banana and the soy protein powder, it came out sooo thick and creamy. Mmmm!

blog 019

We walked for about an hour. I got home around 1:45 and took care of some things on the computer and over the phone, including setting up an interview for when I get back to New England. I have 2 interviews lined up within the first 3 days I’m there. Not too shabby!

Around 3, I decided it was time for some more exercise. I did Levels 1 & 2 of Biggest Loser Bootcamp. Kicks my butt every time! I’m definitely sticking that DVD in my suitcase so I don’t have to be without it while I’m waiting for the hubby to arrive with all of our things.

Before I did the bootcamp workout, I needed some carbs to keep me going, so I polished off the last 1/4 cup of Kashi pilaf from last night.

Dinner was one of my old standbys – Spaghetti Squash “Spaghetti” with Ground Turkey Meat Sauce. I used Classico Cabernet Marinara tonight. If you are a red wine fan, you will loooove this sauce! You can definitely taste the cabernet. This is one of my favorites.

blog 020

After dinner, I put the baby to bed and got a lot of packing done. I definitely feel like I’m just about ready to go.

I also had a decaf iced coffee for “dessert.” Since I drank it, though, I’ve also had a little more spaghetti sauce (sans sauce), a couple handfuls of cereal, and some sips off the hubby’s beer.

And now, I’m pooped! Time to hit the shower, then the pillow. Good night!

3 responses to “Last Week in the Springs

  1. have a good last week in CO dear – yeah for target shopping trips and sleeping babies (while it lasts of course). that spaghetti squash is totes making me want some 🙂

  2. I didn’t realize your move was so soon!! Good luck with the upcoming week and congrats to having interviews lined up already!

  3. enjoy your last few days in the old house girl — what an exciting adventure you have ahead of you 🙂

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