100th Post Giveaway!!

Ok, so this isn’t actually my 100th post… It’s my 103rd post! I’ve been so busy with the move though, my 100th post came and went without me even realizing it!

So, I’m celebrating my 100th post now with a GIVEAWAY! A while back, I received a huge stack of coupons from Whole Soy & Co. for soy yogurt and frozen yogurt – and I want to share them with YOU!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Visit Whole Soy & Co.’s website to check out their flavors; then leave me a comment letting me know which flavor of yogurt or frozen yogurt you’d most like to try.
  2. For a second entry, link back to this post on your blog.

I’ll randomly select a winner on Friday, July 24.


On to today’s food and fitness…

I stayed in bed until 7:30 this morning, which felt fabulous! It was a cold morning here in New Hampshire, so it was nice to stay in bed a little later than usual, all snuggled under the covers.

Breakfast was pretty typical – Banana Bread Oat Bran along with scrambled eggs.

blog 012

blog 013

I lazed around for a bit before getting myself ready to head out for some errands. Before I left I had a snack – half of a Banana Bread Larabar and an apple.

blog 014

While I was out doing some errands, I went to check out this new natural foods store that opened back in September. They have a great deli there so I picked up some lunch for myself and the hubby. I had an amazing sandwich – ham, roasted apples, roasted red onions, lettuce, and honey dijon dressing on fresh 5-grain bread. Soooo delicious! I ate half in the car before I took this picture. 😉

blog 015

This afternoon I had yet another preliminary phone interview. That makes 4 interviews in less than a week. Not bad.

Before my interview though, I took advantage of the fact that the hubby was home to watch the baby and I rode my Spinning bike for 37 minutes.

Dinner tonight was one of my recent favorites – stuffed peppers. Tonight I used extra lean ground turkey, onion, red peppers, whole wheat couscous, and tomato sauce.

blog 016

I’ve already had dessert too – 2 cups of decaf coffee and the other half of my Larabar from this morning.


Well, I have to apologize to all of my fellow bloggers for not commenting on your blogs recently. I have been sooo busy. I have been reading (for the most part) though. I’m hoping to get back to commenting this week!


14 responses to “100th Post Giveaway!!

  1. Mocha fudge froyo sounds right up my alley

  2. Lemon for sure. I could eat lemon flavored stuff all day long and never get sick of it!

  3. vanilla bean sounds SO GOOD! ❤
    thank you for the great giveaway!

  4. oooh chocolate hazelnut 🙂

  5. you are sooo busy – no worries about the commenting. just snag yourself one of those jobs girl 🙂

    chocolate hazelnut frozen soyogurt…mmmmmmm!!!!

  6. 4 interviews in a week?! That’s great!! Hope you hear back soon 🙂

    Chocolate hazelnut froyo sounds fantastic!

  7. mocha fudge…yum, yum!

  8. i ❤ me some yogurt 🙂

    i love adding apples to my sandwiches! such a sweet crunch 🙂

    and no apologies necessary, love! hope your adjusting well to your new home!

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  10. Vanilla or lemon or anything, lol, yum! Glad I found your blog — it’s great!

  11. chocolate hazelnut froyo all the way baby!

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