Tired Mama = Hungry Mama!

Well, baby must be teething or something because she has completely regressed to getting up every 2-3 hours all night. I am sooo overtired, which also makes me hungry alllll day! A tired mama is a hungry mama!!

After a pretty restless night, baby awoke for the day at 5:30… I came downstairs at 6 and fixed myself an out-of-the-ordinary breakfast – almond butter, banana, and raisin rollup, made with a La Tortilla Factory whole wheat tortilla, and warmed in the micro. I also had the usual scrambled egg/egg whites.

blog 011

blog 012

The eggs were a little rubbery because I took the easy way out and did them in the microwave. Won’t be doing that again!

I needed a morning snack today so I had a small apple.

blog 013

“Lunch” was more of a graze session that lasted for about an hour and a half. It started with some turkey slices (no picture). Then, I moved on to a bowl of Fiber One with almond milk.

blog 014

I followed that up with a Cherry Pie Larabar.

blog 015

I capped off my graze-a-thon with a bowl of plain Oikoswith Stevia and cocoa powder. New fave!

blog 016

This afternoon I had my second interview for the job in CT via webcam/Skype. I feel like it went really well. I hope to hear some news by the end of the week!

After my interview, it was time for a snack. (It was one of those bottomless pit kind of days!) I whipped up a protein shake with 3/4 cup of almond milk, 1 medium banana, soy protein powder, cocoa powder (can you tell I love chocolate-flavored things?!), and a handful of ice.

blog 017

For dinner, I made huge salads with red leaf lettuce (from the garden), broccoli (from the garden), red onion, tomatoes, chickpeas (sprinkled with salt, pepper, and chili powder and roasted inthe oven – mmm!), sesame crusted tofu, and a ginger-soy dressing.

blog 018

I also ended up having another LTF tortilla on the side.

Once dinner was eaten, baby was bathed and in bed, I headed to the basement for Levels 1, 2, and 3 of Biggest Loser Bootcamp. Hello sweaty mess! 🙂

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that baby will sleep well tonight. I could use some rest!


6 responses to “Tired Mama = Hungry Mama!

  1. dang girl i would be ravenous if i were you! keep fueling you busy bee 🙂

  2. it is a lot of foos, but when you’re busy and tired…good eats are a must and it’s all healthy stuff so its okay:)

  3. Awh, sorry you are so tired! I am so looking forward to have a baby one day… but not excited about missing my sleep! Hang in there.
    I love your la tortilla idea. looks great!

  4. Being tired always makes me tired too! It actually has something to do with leptin levels, which dip when you don’t get enough sleep and make you feel hungry. It’s hard to be a mama of a wee little one. Maybe you can sneak in a nap today!

  5. I am exactly the same when I don’t get a good night’s kip – it’s a nightmare! Hope you sleep better tonight!

    How is that Biggest Loser Bootcamp thing?

    Lovin’ the breakfast tortilla and shake too – good eats for a hungry lady!

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