Blah Sunday

Blah. That about sums up my Sunday. It wasn’t bad; it wasn’t great either. It just was.

I was up around 6:30 and headed straight for the kitchen. I made Banana Bread Oatmeal (with 3/4 cup of oats) and the usual scrambled eggs (1/2 cup of egg whites + 1 whole egg).

blog 001

blog 002

I hung around the house all morning, battling with baby – trying to get her to nap.

My morning snack was packed with protein – and tasty too!

plain Chobani + Stevia + cocoa powder

plain Chobani + Stevia + cocoa powder

Lunch was pretty basic – turkey and light mayo on a La Tortilla Factory whole wheat tortilla.

blog 004

I also had a few strawberries.

My afternoon snack was a combination of 2 of my addictions – almond butter and banana. Deeeeeeeeeelish!!! šŸ˜€

blog 005

blog 006

I also had a small glass of light vanilla soymilk.

blog 007

I managed to catch a 30-minute nap this afternoon, which felt amazing!

Dinner was veggie-licious: chicken and veggie stir fry with Kashi 7-Whole Grain Pilaf. You can’t see the pilaf, but I assure you it is underneath the mountain of veggies.

blog 008

I only did 30 minutes on my Spinning bike tonight. I would have done more, but I need to get my outfit and things ready for tomorrow and get to bed early. I have a second interview for another job. It’s actually a 2-hour job shadow, plus a meeting with the HR department. This job is completely on the other end of the spectrum from the job I interviewed for last week in CT. I would enjoy either job, though. I’m really hoping to hear back from the one in CT this week. That one is definitely my first choice.

I’m sipping on a cup of hazelnut decaf at the moment. Then I’m off to bed. I’ll recap my interview tomorrow!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


2 responses to “Blah Sunday

  1. Good luck tommorrow. Almond butter and banana is my favorite too!

  2. You may have had a blah Sunday but it sounds delicious šŸ™‚

    Hope your interview went well!!

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