Debbie Downer

I’m feeling like a major Debbie Downer tonight. I honestly debated whether or not I should even post tonight. Alas, I decided to go ahead and do it. But to avoid dragging you all down with me, I’ll stick to just my eats and exercise, and leave everything else out.

Breakfast today was another bowl of Banana Bread Oat Bran with scrambled egg/egg whites. This meal never lets me down.

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No need for a morning snack today. I just went straight to lunch at 11:30 – turkey, light mayo, lettuce, and bread and butter pickles on a La Tortilla Factory whole wheat tortilla.

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You know how some days certain things just taste better than usual? That was the case with my lunch today. This wrap tasted amazing! And I followed it up with something equally amazing – Chocolate Brownie Z Bar warmed in the microwave for 10 seconds (just enough to make it nice and gooey!).

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In the afternoon, I whipped up a protein shake and ate a Macintosh apple.

1-1/2 cups of soymilk, 1 tbs of cocoa powder, 3 tbs of vegetable protein powder, splash of vanilla, 2 packets of Stevia, ice

1-1/2 cups of soymilk, 1 tbs of cocoa powder, 3 tbs of vegetable protein powder, splash of vanilla, 2 packets of Stevia, ice

For dinner, I tried something new – LightLife Smart Dogs. Back in my junk food eating days, I loooved hot dogs. I was anxious to see how these compared, taste-wise.

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I served these up with green beans, baked microwaved sweet potatoes, pickles, ketchup and mustard.

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I realized when I bit into these that I had, in fact, eaten them before back when I was fresh out of college and starting to experiment with healthier foods. I didn’t particularly care for them back then, but my palate has changed quite a bit since. Tonight, I loved them!! It’s amazing how hot-dog-like they really taste. Granted, the texture is much different, but what a great substitute! It felt very indulgent eating these, yet they’re very healthy – 45 calories, 0 g of fat, and 8 g of protein per link. I will definitely be adding these to my dinner rotation (perhaps lunch, too!).

For my exercise tonight I rode for 4o minutes on my Spinning bike. I actually like exercising when I’m in a crappy mood. My mind is always on other things and I end up working harder and completely ignoring the time. 40 minutes flew by tonight.

I think I’m going to hit the sack early, in the hope that the new week will bring better days.


Leianna left a comment on my last post asking if I could do a post about my weekly grocery haul. Great suggestion! I’m going to work on a post about my usual purchases that will go up on Saturday, which is my typical shopping day.

6 responses to “Debbie Downer

  1. aw hun, I hope everything is okay! always here if you need anything!! **hugs**

  2. awww love, i hope things are ok! If you need me, you know where i’m at! 🙂

  3. Hope you feel better tomorrow!
    Thanks for doing that, excited to see how you go grocery shopping!
    Those healthy hot dogs I need to find!

  4. Sorry to hear about the bad mood. Spinning (and a warm baked , but healthy treat) can always treat a bad mood!

  5. DiningAndDishing

    I like to work out when I’m feeling crappy too. It is such a release to sweat out some frustration! Hope you’re feeling better soon :O)

    – Beth @

  6. I hope today is much better for you!!

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