I’m so excited! I just became an auntie tonight! My older sister had a baby boy. What a year for me – first child and first nephew! Yay!

Ok, let me back up….

Breakfast was eaten pretty darn early today. Poor baby has no idea we changed the clocks back. Or maybe it’s poor mommy…?

blog 045

oatmeal w/ banana, vanilla, cinnamon, raisins, and the last of the bag of walnuts

blog 046

1/2 cup of egg whites + 1 whole egg

We spent much of the morning going through some boxes. Our new apartment is much smaller than where we lived in Colorado, so we’re going to have to leave a few things behind. Who needs 25 pint glasses anyway?!

blog 047

Morning snack: plain Greek yogurt mixed with Stevia & cocoa powder, topped with a dollop of almond butter

blog 048

Lunch: roast chicken with light mayo and lettuce on a La Tortilla Factory whole wheat tortilla

A high school friend of ours came over in the afternoon to see the baby. We all played with her and just talked and caught up for a couple hours.

blog 049

Afternoon snack: Blueberry Z Bar

For some reason, I couldn’t think of anything that sounded good for dinner tonight. I was hungry early, thanks to the time change; so I just decided to make myself a protein shake for my dinner. It filled me up. but made me realize that I was severely lacking veggies today. Ooops.

blog 050

almond milk, NutriBiotic rice protein powder, and frozen mango

I got a really good workout in tonight – 45 minutes on my Spinning bike. I was in the zone! I love that! I was absolutely dripping sweat when I was done.

After that, I took a quick shower and settled in for Heroes…with another whole wheat tortilla for a snack! My workout took a lot out of me. My body was craving carbs!


I’m hoping to get over to the hospital tomorrow to see my sister and my brand new nephew! It’s already a busy week for me with the upcoming move and all, but I’m sure I can find time to go see the baby! šŸ˜‰


3 responses to “Auntie!!

  1. CONGRATS on becoming an Auntie! yay! šŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see pictures of this cutie pie!

  2. Congrats Auntie! So exciting!

  3. CONGRATS TO YOUR SISTER AND YOU! that is soooo exciting. and fun…it’s a great happy reminder of the beauty of life.

    and the beauty of that chocolate Greek yog combo šŸ™‚

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