If heaven was a grocery store…

…it would be called Trader’s Joe’s!

I made my first trip to this mecca of natural foods last weekend. It’s literally 5 minutes from my new apartment!

When I walked inside, the place was hoppin’! I was a little pressed for time, so I didn’t do as much browsing as I would have liked. I did, however, find exactly what I was looking for:

I had gone an entire week without almond butter! I assure you that will NEVER happen again! 😉

When I got home from TJ’s, I immediately broke into this jar. I spread some AB on a tortilla with apple butter. Awww yeah!

I picked up a couple Greek yogurts too, so I enjoyed one of those with my tortilla.

It's no Chobani, but it was pretty good.

I had no idea that Trader Joe’s had such a large selection of wine! I didn’t buy any on Saturday, but TJ’s will definitely be my go to place for vino. The prices are great! The other shoppers were stocking up!

I can’t wait to go back to TJ’s when I have a little more time!

What’s your favorite new-to-you store??

Clearly mine is Trader Joe’s! 😀


6 responses to “If heaven was a grocery store…

  1. le sigh, I am very jealous. Enjoy the TJ’s goodies for the both of us 🙂

  2. I could spend days in TJ’s just browsing and sampling great new foods!

  3. Glad you were able to get to TJs!! Prepare to get addicted!

  4. sigh. i long for a TJs in utah!

  5. yesssssssssss for moving in right next to trader joe’s 🙂

  6. I am also a new TJ’s obsessor. Ours sells “Better N’ Peanut Butter” which makes me uber happy! They also have more Clif bar varieties than I know what to do with!
    Enjoy the new found obsession – it’s a good one!

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