Sneak Peek…

Remember that exciting new blog addition I’ve mentioned a couple times?? Well, here’s your sneak peek…

Introducing Healthy Fit Mama Shop!!

I’ve partnered with the wonderful folks at Open Sky to create my very own store of some of my favorite products. Open Sky is a great community of shopkeepers, suppliers, and shoppers. Each shopkeeper, or expert, chooses products that they love for their store. And the best part is that each shopkeeper writes their own product descriptions – and even shares personal stories about the products. Shoppers get a much more personal experience.

So what products did I select for my shop? You’ll have to take a peek…

I will tell you though that I’m excited to have in my shop one of my favorite fitness products – the BOSU Balance Trainer! Commonly referred to as a BOSU ball, this product is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment. You can stand on it, jump over it, do crunches on it, and even turn it upside down and do push ups with it! It makes a wonderful addition to any home gym.

Be sure to check out the rest of the products in my shop! I’ll be adding products regularly, so check back often for cool new items!!


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