Mediterranean Pasta Toss

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I recently began eating a mostly vegetarian diet – which you can read more about here. Since adopting this new vegetarian lifestyle, I have been forced to become a little more creative in the kitchen. (Who wants to eat veggie burgers every night of the week?!) I’ve also had to really overcome my fear of carbs.

Before I get into more detail about my kitchen creativity, let me just tell you that I used to be seriously carb-a-phobic – like, wouldn’t touch a slice of bread with a 10-foot-pole. After much reading of nutrition books, I realized that there is no reason to fear carbs! Carbs fuel us. Carbs are good for us – provided we are eating the right kind of carbs.

Ok, back to the kitchen… I had a jar of artichoke hearts, a jar of roasted red peppers, a bag of spinach, and a bottle of aged balsamic vinegar on hand. I spent an entire day at working thinking about how I coul possibly put all these things together to make a meal. Then I remembered I had also recently bought a bag of whole grain penne pasta at Trader Joe’s. I had an “a-ha” moment – and the result was this delicious dish that I have dubbed the Mediterranean Pasta Toss.

While my penne pasta was boiling, I wilted some fresh spinach in some olive oil and garlic. I tossed in some quartered artichoke hearts and sliced roasted red peppers to heat them up. When the pasta was cooked, I added that to the pot with the spinach/artichoke/pepper mixture, then drizzled aged balsamic vinegar over the whole mess.

OH.MY.GOD. Delicious!!! The aged balsamic vinegar is key, since it’s sweeter and more syrup-y in consistency. It coated everything very well. This was so very filling too! Who needs meat?!

This is definitely my new favorite pasta entree!

What’s your favorite healthy pasta dish?


One response to “Mediterranean Pasta Toss

  1. YUM! i love tossing fat free feta, roma tomatoes, basil and grilled chicken with some whole wheat noodles and a touch of balsamic vinaigrette for a cold pasta dish. good luck with your new eating habits! awesome 🙂

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