3, 2, 1

Before I jump into my brief post, an update on my knee:

I went to the doctor today and he confirmed what I suspected – I have IT Band Syndrome. I went for a 4-mile run yesterday and actually had to stop and walk the last half mile because the pain was so unbearable. It was radiating up to my hip. The doctor gave me a cortisone shot and told me I could still run my race in 2 weeks, but that it still might be uncomfortable.

I had no choice but to skip my run today. The shot makes your knee feel worse before it feels better. I’m freaking out a bit, feeling like I’m going to lose so much of the aerobic capacity and endurance I’ve built up. Not to mention the fact that, thanks to running, my abs look better than they ever have. I don’t want to lose those!

Have you ever experienced an injury during race training? How did you adjust your training?


3 – The number of songs Sheryl Crow sang at the intimate radio event I attended today! I was so lucky to be invited to go to this event. I got to shake her hand and have my picture taken with her. So cool!

2 – There are 2 words that sum up why I could never be a vegan: Greek yogurt!

I made the most amazing bowl of overnight spelt flakes with vanilla Chobani, topped with honey almond butter. Awww yeah! I can live without chicken and fish, but I MUST have my Greek yogurt!

1 – There can only be one giveaway winner….JORDAN P! Congrats! Send me your mailing address and I’ll have your goodies sent out ASAP.


One response to “3, 2, 1

  1. Love Sheryl Crow! You lucky duck.

    Okay, IT band syndrome totally sucks. I got it when I was training for my first marathon and I did run in spite of the pain. I even ran another marathon six months later, in the same amount of pain. I’m really glad I did those races because I needed to psychologically – and I didn’t do myself any permanent damage. Now that I’m older (a big birthday with a 0 at the end is upon me) – I have discovered two amazing things that are good for my IT band. One is hot yoga – it is seriously strenuous, calorie-burning and it stretches your IT band like nobody’s business. When my IT band starts to bother me a lot, it’s usually because I haven’t been to Bikram in a while. I sub 2 -3 Bikram sessions for my cardio workouts for a few weeks and I’m good to go. The other thing is investing in one of those foam rollers and rolling out the band, and your hip flexors – I learned that trick from my trainer and as painful as it is, it feels great!

    Good luck on your race – you are such an inspiration.

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